Portable Power
    Lightweight and portable;Charge your mobile phone anytime,anywhere
    Design with dual USB output; Charge two devices simultaneously
    High power capacity, stay away from power shortage
    Secure and stable, environmental friendly and energy saving





    Battery Adapter
    Set with a single USB port and different conversion cables
    Support charging a variety of mobile phone
    Different plug for different region
    Charging indicator gives LED signal when fully charged
    Compliance with international safety standards


    Car Charger
    Universal 12V-24V DC input, suitable for any vehicle
    Set with a single USB port and different conversion cables charging different mobile phones
    Equipped with short circuit and overcurrent protection devices
    Compliance with international safety standards




    Lithium Battery
    High stability, sufficient capacity, comparable to original battery
    Charging up to 500 times or more, environmental friendly and durable
    Import IC components, precise protection circuit board
    Overcharging, short circuit proof, safe and secure
    Equipped with short circuit, overcurrent devices,comply with international safety standards



    Screen Protector
    New mirror protector, fully transparent and clear
    Richer color than the original LCD surface color, anti-glare.
    Electrostatic adsorption, high-strength wear-resistant,easy stick on with no air bubbles
    Stick on for repeated times and remove without leaving any traces





    Product Case
    Contemporary and luxurious design
    Perfect combination of fashion and function
    Wherever you go, stylish and practical product case could protect your products




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